We provide diversity, equity, and inclusion training, workshops, and events for our organizations to create a more inclusive work environment. These events are exclusive to our member companies.

SOGIE 101 & Business of Inclusion Training

SOGIE 101 & Business of Inclusion Training is the flagship advocacy training module for PFIP organized by the Leadership Pillar as well as the Regional Chapters . A PFIP-trained facilitator delivers this session for a multitude of audiences (e.g., general audience, HR, senior leadership, etc.). It aims to provide context and a basic understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and SOGIESC (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics).


Leader Lab

Organized by the Leadership Pillar, the Leader Lab comprises of short online learning sessions, targeted to busy professionals that are always on the go. Each mini-course objective is to cater to the network’s pressing learning needs and to cover topics not included in Leader Lab Live. Each session will be recorded and converted into on-demand podcasts to strengthen knowledge management within PFIP.


Members Fellowship

Quarterly members' fellowships are held with all representatives of each PFIP member company to discuss the different activities of the organization and share best practices between the other companies. It is a way for the member companies to regularly network with one another and discuss the programs of PFIP as well as those of their own company.


Advocacy by Leadership Enablement (ABLE) Program

The ABLE Program, organized by the Standards Pillar, aims to further forward the different advocacies through talks, discussions, workshops, etc. organized for its members and other members in the industry.